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Puffy Eye Treatments

1 Jan cucumber

After the excess of partying on News Year Eve I thought that this would be a helpful post!  D-puff and get ready to party again! Interesting, tell me more Diva…

Egg White and Lemon Face Mask

30 Nov eggwhitesandlemon

The egg white and lemon in this mask cleans the pores and helps to remove blackheads.  This should only be used once a week.   This can be a good way to use the eggs whites left from when you make mayonnaise too! Tell me more Diva…

Banana Face Mask

30 Nov banana

Our skin has a protective barrier of fats that clump together and create a waterproof layer to keep water in and foreign substances out. Cold or hot weather, wind, air-conditioning and heating can damage this layer of skin, making it dry and flaky. When you smear the banana mask on your face, the fat molecules in the banana form a temporary waterproof layer over your face, giving your skin cells a chance to rebuild their moisture levels. Tell me more Diva…

Smoothing Face Mask

30 Nov avocado

This is another great smelling face mask that will soothe and smooth your skin.  Smells yummy and is easy to make.  I just love how so many items in your kitchen and refrigerator can be used for the outside of your body!  Step away from that expensive make up counter Diva…you have everything you need at home! Tell me more Diva…

Honey and Cream Face Mask

30 Nov honey

This is the quickest face mask to prepare and it has also the quickest effect, since it contains medium chain fatty acids in the free form, sugars, vitamins (specially vitamin A), minerals and trace elements. It will leave your skin very smooth. Tell me more Diva..

Garlic Spot Removal

30 Nov Garlic

Not only for repelling Vampires, garlic can be used to repel spots!   Garlic is the best antiseptic and antimicrobal substance that removes spots quickly. It fits both the oily and the acne skincare.  The applied area will sting or awhile, but after thirty minutes the effect will be shown. The garlic treats the pimples and nourishes the skin with vitamin B group (like B6), vitamin C and potassium. Tell me more Diva..

Honey and Cinnamon Spot Treatment

30 Nov honey

Honey and cinnamon are wonderful antiseptics. Cinnamon is used for preparation of problem skin type facial mask and honey is not only an antiseptic but also a great anti-inflammatory agent that prevents and heals the infections.   You can make a batch of this and and keep it in a tight lid container in the refrigerator. Tell me more Diva..


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