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Coffee Hand Scrub

23 Apr coffee

This one is for coffee lovers.  Although I love the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee I do not drink it for fear of bouncing off the walls in a caffeine frenzy!  This scrub is a great exfoliater as well as a moistuiser.   This can be used on the feet as well as the hands.   I recommend that you put this on over the sink as it can get messy! Tell me more Diva…

Coconut Hand treatment

15 Oct coconut

This will make your hands feel so soft and refreshed!   Yet another great use for the fabulous coconut! Tell me more Diva..

Brown Sugar Hand Softner

5 Oct DSC08094

The sugar in my cupboards has only one use and that is external!  This is a lovely way to soften the hands and give them a well deserved scrub.   This leaves your hands feeling as soft as if you had never done the dishes since you were born.   Tell me more Diva…

Lemon and Olive Nail and Cuticle Treatment

19 Sep

This is an easy way to look after your nails and cuticles.  It will leave your nails refreshed, shiny and cared for.  It contains apple cider vinegar which I love almost as Baking soda for its many uses!   Easy to make and a nice uplifting citrus smell! Tell me more Diva..

Citrus Cuticle Rub

18 Sep lemon

This should make your hands feel refreshed and your cuticles soft.   Lemon and honey are a Diva’s best beauty friend at times! Tell me more Diva…


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