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Curried Cabbage and Coconut Salad

17 Oct



I am playing around with a lot of cabbage recipes at the moment, simply because it’s cheap, low in carbs and we love the vegetable.  We normally have cabbage in some form of cheese dish but I wanted something else without the dairy.  This is a great alternative to coleslaw and is full of flavour.   Just like coleslaw it improves with some chilling time.  You could play around with the spices too if you wanted it hotter.   I loved it and scoffed a bowl of it under the guise of “taste testing”.  Another simple and tasty dish!  So simple to make the Chief Taster could possibly whip up a batch!

Yummy, tell me more Diva…

Grilled Vegetable and Goats Cheese Terrine

18 Aug
Colourful layers of vegetables

Colourful layers of vegetables


This is now my 500th post!  I cannot believe how many recipes have been tried, tested and posted in my three years of blogging.   I put the question out on Facebook as to what should I do for my 500th post and a reader asked for a grilled starter.  So, here it is and thank you, Tawnya for the challenge!  I loved the range of colours in this and the taste was lovely.  The Chief Taster was initially hesitant with me serving this cold but enjoyed it with relish and declared that the flavours “were balanced”.  He had seconds.

Yummy, tell me more Diva…

Roasted Tomato Salad

4 Aug
Bright and vibrant!

Bright and vibrant!


Roasting tomatoes helps to concentrate their flavour, whilst the addition of balasmic vinegar enhances their sweetness.  Select the ripest and fresh tomatoes you can find.   This is a great salad dish served with some gluten free bread to mop up the juices, or as a side dish.     You could also puree this dish to use as a sauce over chicken, fish or veggies.  Or add some stock and call it a soup…be creative and get roasting!

Yummy, tell me more Diva!

Broad Beans in Basil Dressing

23 Jun
Delicious bean salad

Delicious bean salad

I love broad beans and they are a taste of summer especially with this salad dressing.   They are also known as fava beans. You can use fresh or frozen beans.  I made this from a bag of frozen beans I found lingering in the back of my freezer.  I also peeled them for a change too.  I normally eat them with their skins on , but peeling them did not take too long and I was left with a colourful plate.  The green colour is radiant and fits into my belief that food should look colourful and appetizing to eat.  Simple to make too which is an added bonus!

Yummy, tell me more Diva…

Spanish Cauliflower Salad

30 May


A refreshing way to eat cauliflower as a salad or as a tapas dish.  The dish has a tangy sharp taste but is still light.   This is now probably 1001 ways to prepare cauliflower as it’s still my favourite versatile vegetable.  I still shudder at childhood memories of being served cauliflower, boiled to an inch of it’s life and with no flavour.  If I had been served this as a kid I would have embraced vegetables much earlier in life!  It’s best to make this the day before so that the flavours can marinate.   It’s a great salad or pot luck dish too.  I serve mine with the hard boiled eggs, quarted, but it is just as nice with the eggs chopped up.

Yummy, tell me more Diva…

Pumpkin, Pecan and Feta Salad

16 May


I love the sweet taste of roasted pumpkin and to add some salty feta cheese to it, along with the sweet pecans makes an amazing salad dish.  The Chief Taster loved this and even helped himself to seconds, then ate the rest the next day, so it’s a big thumbs up from him!   It was definitely the sweetness of the pumpkin and pecans that made him reach for the big spoon (he has a sweet tooth that I have to battle with!).    I found this dish to be sweet and creamy with a delightful crunch of the pecans.   I added dried chillies to give the dish a bit of a kick but this is optional and was really for my own personal taste.  I found this delightful served on a bed of lettuce and is a great salad dish.   I am now wondering about making this a bbq dish, cook the pumpkin on the bbq, add the other ingredients and voila!

Yummy, tell me more Diva…

Coleslaw with Lime and Coriander (Cilantro)

25 Mar

I love coleslaw and most weeks make a batch of it to go with my lunchtime frittata.   This makes a nice change by spicing it up with lime and coriander (cilantro).  You could also add some hot sauce to this too.   Or perhaps chop up a few mild chilli peppers too.  Coleslaw is a great way to get some raw veggies in you too!As for the mayonnaise, it goes without saying that I use homemade and none of that white rubbish in a jar!  It is very easy to make and far tastier!   A batch of home made mayonnaise lasts about a week in the fridge, in a sealed jar/tupperwear pot.


Yummy, tell me more Diva…


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