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Egg Yolk Face Mask

24 Jun yolk

Eggs are a great source of protein albumin and amino acids that tone the skin and smooth out fine lines.  This is like a natural face lift without the pinched, frightened Joan Rivers look. Ooooh….tell me more Diva…

Avocado Eye Cream

3 Mar avocado

This is a soothing rich, creamy eye treatment that is super hydrating to the delicate eye area.  A great pick me up and perfect for the morning after! Tell me more Diva…

Chocolate Body Paint

14 Feb chocolate-face-mask

This is a unconvential body product but can be used to stir up romance in an adventurous manner, and let’s face it…it’s chocolate in flavour!!  You can change the taste by making it sweet or spicy …whatever your mood takes.   If I say it is low carb and Gluten Free, do you really care at this point??! x …I’m feeling frisky, tell me more Diva…

Honey Milk Oil Bath Soak

1 Feb honey

I love a bath and try to have one at least a week  (I shower every day in case you were thinking..eurghh!).  There is just something soothing about laying back in warm water and giving your skin a good soak.   If you find that your week is too busy with the joy that is life, put aside 30 minutes once a week to enjoy a soak in the tube.  Bring along books/magazines if needed too.   I do then shower everything off as the bath is draining and I feel absolutely squeaky clean!  Add a skin scrub to this event and you are clean, warm and shiny! Tell me more Diva…

Honey Milk Bath

1 Feb honey

I am a huge fan of honey and all its great properties.  Feel like a Queen and have a nice warm honey milk bath.  Emerge a Goddess with silky soft skin!  Tell me more Diva…

Egg White and Lemon Face Mask

14 Jan lemon

Egg whites have been used in natural skin care and this mask will tighten and tone your skin.   Egg whites are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals which nourish your skin.    They are a very effective astringent and will tighten and firm your skin.  Tell me more Diva…

Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

15 Oct oil and sugar

This is a great refreshing body scrub that will clean and revitalise you.  Gets you ready for a day of number crunching and Excel spreadsheets, oh, that’s just me I guess… Tell me more Diva..


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